Sunday, October 17, 2010

Australia , The Best

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Oh boy, today while hunting through the TV channels I happened to come across an Aussie TV show called New Inventors in Discovery Science Channel. Since then I have started missing Australia.

Well this is an old bug returning back I guess. When in Australia my dreams revolve around Sri Lanka and the always planned but never riped all India trip. Ironically when in Srilanka I missed the Australian relaxed culture, its simple and loving people (Well some) and the pleasant feelings it gives while being around them.  To be frank I don’t interact with anyone much when im there. But being among those pleasant people is only good enough for me to overfill with joy.

Maybe that’s why you always see me smiling in there.

Mind is a wicked B***h I guess.

Do I like Srilanka? Well sort of. If god can remove all Srilankans from here to a new island then I will love Srilanka for its beauty and its serenity.  Well im not a sociophobic physico. Yet I hate people down here for their arrogant stupidity, and the overall lack of Emotional intelligence.

There is a large gap in people’s mind for care and respect for others, obedience to low and order, respect for justice and good social practices. 
- When one drives according to road rules everyone turns and look at him as a wild animal on loose.
- When one stays in a queue, he/she is always at the end of the line... Mmmm I wonder why?
- When one shows respect, it’s considered as a weakness that must be exploited.
- Jealousy, greed and cunningness are overflowing in people.

and the list goes on and on

Well, Aren’t others such as Aussies are jealous and/or cunning?
Yes they are but Srilankan ways are way too crude and embarrassing to observe and to experience.

Disclaimer: People who have experienced my driving firsthand won’t ever relate me to the incidents given above I hope. LOL