Monday, November 21, 2011

Big Bad God

Once upon a time, there lived a bad merciless god in mainland. Yes, you are right. He is related to the "Big bad wolf" in Merry Melodies who ate the grandma for dinner. One day 3 Chinese, Korean and Japanese guys went to see him.

They begged him. (Don’t ask me how). Oh mighty god, have mercy on us. Please give us a language to speak and an alphabet to write. God looked at them and said. Okay, no problem. Since you are all look alike I will give this wonderful language I have been working on lately.

Chinese guy suffering from one emperor syndrome interrupted. I cant be bothered learning anything new. Give me something simple.
God grinned. For you my son I have this thing called Chinese. Speak from your nose using monosyllables and write using the most ridicules alphabet a messed up god like me can only invent.

Then he turned to other two whom by this time quarrelling with each other pointing fingers to each other about the past issues. Since Japanese and Korean guys cant ever live in peace together, god thought about playing a cruel prank with them. Okay, now stop this "comfort women" thing. My head is aching. He exclaimed!

I will not give you all the good things in the world in order to teach you a lesson. You think you are special? Your brains are different? Your bellies can’t digest any other beef except Japanese beef? Hay! Then take this as the deal!

Nihon Jin , come forward ... Here I will give you the best spoken language I can think of. Very easy to learn. Very soft, beautiful and polite. But to screw the deal little bit here is the Chines alphabet for you to write.

Hanguk saram , come forward. Here I give you the best alphabet in the world. Scientific, easy to learn and write. But to screw the deal I will spoil your language with Chinese words and tone to go with it.

Now go on ... live your life. Ha ha ha...
With that vicious laughter I woke up from my day dream..... Bad day Tiraj , lets get back to books.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

RUXCON conference 2011 - Melbourne , Australia

This year the conference will take place over the weekend of 19th and 20th of November at the CQ Function Centre, Melbourne, Australia. CQ Function Centre is located at 113 Queen Street, Melbourne. 

Can't wait till the Weekend ㅋㅋ 
Going to be really fun I guess...

Mark Goudie
Peter Gutmann
Steve Glass and Matt Robert
Silvio Cesare
Dr. Bradley Schatz
Brett Moore
Nick Klein
Nishad Herath
Matt Davis
Louis Nyffenegger & Luke Jahnke
Alex Kirk
Alex Tilley
Jonathon Brossard
R00t Dude
Nick Freeman / vt
Balint Seeber
Gilad Bakas
Jeremiah Grossman
David Jorm
Rodrigo Rubira Branco
Joseph McCray
Ben Hawkes
Vincent Berg
Peter Fillmore
James Forshaw
Andrew Griffiths

Monday, November 14, 2011

Korean Drama - Dream High - 드림하이 - (OST Download)

Dream High
©2011 KBS2
Just finished watching the last episode (16) of the Korean drama Dream High (드림하이). Thought about writing this straight away with out taking a break because otherwise the lazy bug will bite me again and nothing is going to come out of me as happened with some other great dramas such as Gokusen.

What can I say, this drama again is a great one. Now one may wonder how and why I give thumbs up for all the dramas I watch. Seems like i don’t have any taste hai!. Well there is a simple explanation. I only choose and watch dramas with high user ratings and reviews. ^o^

Even though the story revolve around few people and limited number of sets there were no boring bits and ending left a really warm and joyful feeling in the heart.

Finally, from the cast, the one I liked most was none other than Hye Mi's little sister Ahn Seo Hyun - The little Ajumma.
Ahn Seo Hyun
©2011 DramaWiki

Some background info first:
Dream High (드림하이 ) is a 16 episode Korean TV Drama broadcasted on KBS2 TV Network, Korea starring Suzy (Go Hye Mi),Kim Soo Hyun (Song Sam Dong), Taecyeon (Jin Gook ) , Ham Eun Jung (Yoon Baek Hee) and Wooyoung ( Jason). It was aired from Jan 03, 2011 to Feb 28, 2011 on Monday and Tuesday nights. This series is currently broadcasting in Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam and Singapore with great success.

According to  TNS Media, ratings in Korea are not that disappointing with average rating of 14.9% nationwide with peak rating of 18.2% for the last episode. 
Six students at Kirin Art High School work to achieve their dreams of becoming stars in the Korean music industry. During the drama, the students learn how to develop their singing, songwriting and dancing skills while also undergoing personal growth. Each one of the students have their own strength and their own weaknesses, but with the support and guidance of each other, they strive to debut on stage.
(2011, Dream High , Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. )

Lets see what others say:
hobogful says : Surprisingly Great
This drama is really good. At first I thought it was going to be boring and have no point to it but I decided to give it a try and was surprised at how addicting and good it became. The characters were loveable but some in the beginning were really annoying and make you hate them so much. 

The main girl character started off as really annoying and rude to some people who is way different than your usual lovable hard working girl. But as the drama goes on you kind of start taking her side and seeing why she is like that. Don’t judge this drama and the characters so quickly because you might find yourself addicted to it after the 3rd episode. I recommend this to anyone mostly since the plot is different and takes you to see struggles of kids and seeing how they get to the top when the they are under so much pressure and facing some of the hardest obstacles.

Jutasija Says: Dream BIG Dreams "cause little ones have no magic" 
Realistic, humorous, captivating, thrilling. All this and so much more. 
The acting is fabulous. The characters make you love and hate them at the same time. Though Dream High is not your usual drama. It makes you guess from the first minutes to the last seconds, eagerly waiting for the next episode. The various twist, intrigues - the directors of Dream High manage to put the clichés in a new light.

The whole drama tells us the hardships of 6 students, who are trying to find out their dreams. Misunderstandings lead them to lean on each other, makes them fight and reconcile. The storyline captivates you, because it doesn’t take you out of the real world boundaries. You can imagine yourself being in their place, you can sympathize and you can scold them.
Dream High is a place, where you can find hope. The drama gives so many advices; hidden in hilarious situations, that unconsciously we pick up.

The moments spent watching this drama were enjoyable to the highest degree. Everything about this drama is optimistic, fun, happy…It is a drama worth watching.
 (2011, Dream High Korean Drama Review - DramaCrazy)
©2011 KDramaGuk

Some favourite quotes of mine from the drama :
  • If you go slower in life , you can see lot more than what others will be able to see.
  • In this world there is no such thing as foolish dreams.
  • What it means to be an adult? They say that there are less and less reasons to smile.
  • A normal person , if he wants to give something to someone else , he will keep a  portion for himself first before giving the rest away. But a great person will think about others before thinking about himself.

If you are interested in downloading the OSTs for this drama follow the link below. It is generously provided by Ms Ji-Hye through her blog.

Here is the download link:

Sunday, November 13, 2011

කුල සුත්තං

©2011 Buddha Dharma
 Education Association Inc
ගාමිණිය, යම් වූ පින්වත් දායක පවුලක් බොහෝ රන් රිදී අතැතිව , මහත්වූ ධනයෙන් , භෝග සම්පතින් ආඪයව , බොහෝ සැප උපකරණ අතැතිව සුවයෙන් වසන්නේ නම් ඒ වූකලී තමන් පෙර පුරුදු පුහුණු කරන ලද්දා වූ දානයේ බලයෙනි , ශිල සංයමයැනි, සත්‍යවූ නිබොරු වූ වචනයේ අනුසසිනි.

කල්පඅනුවක් කාලයේ වැලිතලාවෙන් වැසි පවතින්නා වූ පෙර අතීතය මාගේ බුදු ඇසින් විමසන්නෙමි. යම් වූ ශ්‍රමන බ්‍රාහ්මණයකු හට පිසින ලැද අහර බිඳක් ලබාදීමෙන් , පරිත්යාගයෙන් අගතියට පත්වූ විනාශවී ගිය කිසිදු වූ හෝ සත්වයෙක් , ගෘහපති පවුලක් සර්වඥ්ඥ වූ මාගේ බුදු ඇසට විෂය නොවනේමය. එහෙයින් තොපගේ මේ වන් වූ මිත්‍යා විශ්වාසය අතැර නොපවතින්නේ නම් ඔසවා ආ බරක් බිම හෙලන්නා සේ නිරයාගමනය තොප හට වන්නේය.

අසව, සියල්ලෙන් ආඪයව ජීවත් වන්නා වූ පවුලක්හි ධනය විනාශ වන්නා වූ අන් ක්‍රම අටක් තථාගත වූ මා දක්නෙමි. රජුන් හා ආණ්ඩු සන්තක වීමෙන්ද , සොරුන් පැහැර ගැනීමෙන්ද , ජලයෙන් හා ගින්නෙන් ද ඇතැම් පවුල්හි ධනය විනාශ වී යත්. තැන්පත් කල ධනය නොලැබී යාමෙන් හෝ අන්සතු වීමෙන්ද , වැරදි ලෙස යොදන ලද නුපුහුණු තමනට හිතෙෂි නොවූ සේවකයන්ගේ දුෂ්පරිහරනයෙන්ද ධනය විනාශ වී යත්. යම් පවුලක මහත්වූ භෝග සම්පත්තීන් පිඹ හරින්නා , වනසන්නා වූ පාපී වූ කුල නාශක වධක දරුවකුගේ උපදිමෙන්ද අවසන් වශයෙන් සියලු සංස්කාරයනට පොදු වූ අනිත්‍යත්වයට පත්විමෙන්ද ධන භෝග සම්පත්තීන් විනාශ වී අගතියට යත්. මේ කරුණින් හැර ධනය විනාශ වී යන්නා වූ අන් කරුණක් නැත්තේමය.

ගෞතම බුදුන් , නාලන්දාවේ පාවාරික අඹ වනයේදීයැ (කුල සුත්තං)