Monday, November 21, 2011

Big Bad God

Once upon a time, there lived a bad merciless god in mainland. Yes, you are right. He is related to the "Big bad wolf" in Merry Melodies who ate the grandma for dinner. One day 3 Chinese, Korean and Japanese guys went to see him.

They begged him. (Don’t ask me how). Oh mighty god, have mercy on us. Please give us a language to speak and an alphabet to write. God looked at them and said. Okay, no problem. Since you are all look alike I will give this wonderful language I have been working on lately.

Chinese guy suffering from one emperor syndrome interrupted. I cant be bothered learning anything new. Give me something simple.
God grinned. For you my son I have this thing called Chinese. Speak from your nose using monosyllables and write using the most ridicules alphabet a messed up god like me can only invent.

Then he turned to other two whom by this time quarrelling with each other pointing fingers to each other about the past issues. Since Japanese and Korean guys cant ever live in peace together, god thought about playing a cruel prank with them. Okay, now stop this "comfort women" thing. My head is aching. He exclaimed!

I will not give you all the good things in the world in order to teach you a lesson. You think you are special? Your brains are different? Your bellies can’t digest any other beef except Japanese beef? Hay! Then take this as the deal!

Nihon Jin , come forward ... Here I will give you the best spoken language I can think of. Very easy to learn. Very soft, beautiful and polite. But to screw the deal little bit here is the Chines alphabet for you to write.

Hanguk saram , come forward. Here I give you the best alphabet in the world. Scientific, easy to learn and write. But to screw the deal I will spoil your language with Chinese words and tone to go with it.

Now go on ... live your life. Ha ha ha...
With that vicious laughter I woke up from my day dream..... Bad day Tiraj , lets get back to books.

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