Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Japanese Drama - JIN -仁- (OST Download)

JIN ©2009 Tokyo
Broadcasting Systems, inc
Finished watching the season one of the Japanese Drama JIN -仁-. What Can I say... absolute treat it was. Honto ni arigatho Moka San for recommending it. Usually I stay away from watching ER type dramas where doctors and nurses run around as the house (Err .. Hospital) is on fire which  looks really artificial. Well this drama  has a fair bit of that in it  yet it was not at all boring to watch and the plot takes one straightly to the Edo period in Japan with nicely done sets. looking forward to watch the Second Season.

Some background info first:

JIN -仁- was a 11 episode Japanese TV Drama broadcasted on Tokyo Broadcasting Systems, inc (TBS) TV Network, Japan.  It was aired from October 11 , 2009 to December 20, 2009  on Sunday nights. According to Video Research Ltd, this drama achieved 25.3% ratings nationwide during its finale with an average rating of 19.0%.
(2011 , JIN  - DramaWiki )

Till this date ,Jin has received many recognitions such as the  Best Drama ,  Best Actor - Osawa Takao , Best Supporting Actor - Uchino Masaaki , Best Supporting Actress - Ayase Haruka ,  Best Scriptwriter - Morishita Yoshiko ,  Best Director - Hirakawa Yuichiro, Yamamuro Daisuke, Kawashima Ryutaro , Best Theme Song in the 63rd Television Drama Academy Awards.

It has also received the  Best Actor - Osawa Takao , Best Producer: Ishimaru Akihiko and the  Asia Award from  the 2010 Tokyo Drama Award. Thats a fair bit of awards I guess for a single drama.

( 2011 ,Television Drama Academy Awards - DramaWiki )

A brain surgeon named, Minakata Jin, who has spent the last two years in anguish, as his fiancee lies in a vegetative state after an operation he performed. One day, he faints at the hospital and awakens to find himself transported back in time to the Edo period. Attacked by a samurai and escaped with the help of a man named Kyotaro. Kyotaro suffers a serious injury to the head while trying to protect him, but Jin manages to save his life despite a lack of proper medical equipment. Because of that, Kyotaro's sister Saki begins taking an interest in Jin and becomes his assistant. Meanwhile, Jin is determined to find a way back to the present. 
(2009 , Fall 2009 Drama Preview! - Tokyograph)

Lets see what others say:

Saioree - A Must Watch Drama 
This drama is amazing, it takes you through the role of jin in the edo (the past), the impact he made in the progress of medcine in the future, the feelings he faces as he learns to let go of miki and fearing for the future changes. this drama can teach you medical/history terms and at the same time makes you admire the courage of jin and saki. I dont think this is the only season, the ending was too open, so hopefully there’s a second season

Loved this show
I don’t think there was a single part of this show I didn’t like. The acting, the sets, the storyline. It was all so good and well done. I’d seen the lead actress in other shows, but they were comedies, I had not seen the lead actor at all before, but both did an excellent job.  

Molkisha - Inspiring
I must admit that I got caught up in the drama from the episode one! And I couldn’t wait to see the next one. Which is the result of a good ploting and an amazing atmosphere, created both by the story in itself and the actors and set. It looks like a taiga drama at first, but the feeling is very realistic and modern. What I learned from the story, besides what has already been said, is how important it is in life to pay attention to everything that is around you, and not take everything for granted - you may never know when you’ll lose something or will need to use some knowledge that you once thought you’d never have to use.
(2011, JIN Japanese Drama Reviews - DramaCrazy)

Best quote from the drama :
God (life?) gives us challenges so that we can overcome them.

If you are interested in downloading the OSTs for this drama follow the link below.
Here is the download link: JIN -仁- OST

Theme song , Aitakute Ima by MISIA can be downloaded from  here.


  1. From watching this on Dramacrazy. I learnt much about the Edo period and from my own interests years ago knew part of the history behind some events that took place. So to see them portrayed here in this way bought many surprises and I was 'hooked', though I'm behind in the show I loved everymoment of it. This series and now there's a second season (I hope it comes out on the sites!), I can't wait to see it on the net and subbed in english. Or I hope that TBS would sell the DVDs in subbed for us foreigners who loved Asian dramas. Thank you for a memorable series. Arigato.

    Kawatapuarangi Brown

  2. Can you reupload the ost? link is died.

  3. konnichiwa Tokizo San,
    if you use the Torch Browser , you can download Audio and video files from Youtube.

    Aitakute Ima: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OoZG98j75VE

    Korean OST: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4Hw4s0Ic6U&list=PLEC145D4F949FCD94&index=1

    Will try to find the Japanese version and let you know.