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Korean Drama - Personal Preference - 개인의 취향 (OST Download)

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Finished watching the 8th episode of the drama Personal Preference - 개인의 취향. Still 8 more to go. Loving it so far. Instead of typical love triangles present in Korean dramas this one has... lets say ...  polygons. But that makes the story more the interesting and nail-biting... Wont it ?? As always with leading  korean Dramas , the story line is fresh , filled with none cheap  humor and teaches valuable life lessons in a subtle nonintrusive way. Overall a very nice Drama and ah .. forgot to say ,brilliant OSTs.

Some background info first:

Personal Preference/Personal Taste (Hangul: 개인의 취향) was a 16 episode South Korean TV Drama broadcasted on MBC TV Network, South Korea. It is based on the 2007 novel "Gaeinui Chwihyang" by Lee Sae-In. Directed by  Son Hyeong-Seok and  No Jong-Chan , it was aired from March 31 , 2010 to May 20, 2010 on Wednesday and Thursday nights. According to TNS Media, this drama had achieved 16.2% ratings nationwide during its peak ,became extremely popular in other asian countries and has won the Excellence Award - Actor (Lee Min Ho) during the 2010 MBC Drama Awards.
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Jeon Jin Ho is the head architect of a small firm who is trying to avoid bankruptcy while attempting to beat his father's old friends -- and his foes, Chang Ryeol and his father. When he notices they have their eye on the house of Park Gae In, Jin Ho pretends to be gay so that he can move in and find out what had captured their interest. Hilarity ensues as Gae In and Jin Ho's polar opposite personality clash continuously.
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Lets see what others say:

Mary Says:
I can't believe it's over :( Hands down, one of the best Korean drama's ever. Great actress and actors. AND MOST DEFINITELY the Producers, writers, and director. *applause*

Atubang Says:
This is the best telenovela I ever saw (I am picky)! Excellent story line and characters- so entertaining & yet full of lessons. Actors are excellent and Lee Min Ho is just drop dead gorgeous! My highest regards to the writer & producer. Sequel please!
(2011 , Personal Taste (Korean Drama) - AsianMediaWiki)

MzTVXQ Says:
This drama is amazing because it’s a lovely, romantic-comedy and approaches love stories a little differently. Its like a realistic love story but with the added touch of a fairytale.

When this drama was hitting news everywhere for Lee Min Ho’s next drama, I was following it eagerly, reading the synopsis and seeing all the pictures. But honestly, it really didn’t give it the exciting start-up it should’ve. I watched only a couple of months after its release, because I came across it coincidently, and I was like "Oh yeh I wanted to see this drama, let’s have a look". BUT IT’S ALOT BETTER THAN WHAT YOU THINK!
It puts a clichéd storyline about this handsome respectful guy, who falls for the unexpected clumsy, careless girl but in a fantastic new way. It actually teaches you a thing or two about love, and what you shouldn’t do or should do at times. It’s a realistic reflection of a lot of people’s love stories.

The casting was fantastic! It’s one of those dramas where you don’t hate the female lead, but you love the way she is and want her to be with the male lead. Those are the dramas that are worth watching. I’m a huge fan of Lee Min Ho, he is always beautiful and amazing. His acting was nowhere near less than our expectations, especially after B.O.F. I though he made a not so good choice when I heard about it, but he definitely knows how to choose his dramas!! I love Son Ye Jin’s acting and her character Kae-In. It great that she took this role, it shows a lot of phases most actresses won’t accept to do!! Even the evil-like character of Kim In Hee played by Wang Ji Hye -I really respect her for it even though people started hating her but it’s because she played it soo well. The whole cast did a great job, I was crying at times, and at others laughing so hard I was going to cry!

If you are interested in downloading the OSTs for this drama follow the link below.
Here is the download link: Personal Preference (개인의 취향) OST

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