Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mobitel's world class browsing pain.

Thinking that “Siya-rata De Siri Sapa De” I bought Mobitel ‘s Wireless internet Key and a 4 GB Package about 2 weeks back.
Since the day one the service has been a world-class pain.
It's promised speed is 1 MBps which is about 120 Kbp. But this bullock cart hardly does 20-30 Kbps and DNS lookup time take sometimes more than 5-8 Seconds. ( I see from my stupid brain ..... mmmmm sluggish DNS servers and a QOS issue and a fat bellied commiss crow).
On which planet does Google's home page get timed out while resolving its IP address???? . Well theres one country !
While digging a bundle of past news papers , I found the reason and the solution for at least part of the problem. This paper reveals some government tender scam in purchasing IT equipments to a Government telecom network.

Well I don’t know whether it’s true or not. (By the way they had put all relevant documents related to the scam in there ). But observing the slowness in Mobitel's DNS servers(?) I have no doubt that they are running on Celeron Desktop PCs.
Well I have no solution to the snail class line speed provided by Mobitel. But to cut out at least 5-8 seconds of DNS lookup time and to make browsing less annoying you can use googles' public DNS servers.
These are their IP addresses as on 6/4/2010:
You can get more info from:
Last advise:
Avoid Mobitel HSDPA network as it got Bubonic Plague. Go with Dialog Wireless network. Last year I used it and the service and the customer service was 10/10.

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