Tuesday, August 31, 2010

MCTS and Light bulbs

Finally, after about one week of preparation I went and sat on the exam chair to do the MCTS exam in I** Srilanka. Was quite nervous when started but it turned in to a panic when i passed first set of questions (about 10) with out answering and with out having any clue of knowing the correct answer.
Was biting my finger nails and looking at the watch nervously when a guy came in to the exam room and started pulling and messing with chairs looking up and down. It was a small room so there was no escape from this distraction. After making some noise he went out. He might have not heard my sigh while leaving and that explains the second visit of him after about 2 minutes.
This time it was worst. He pulled some chairs out , climbed on to the computer desks (yes one next to me as well) and started changing light bulbs. Jesus.. Wasn’t there any better time to do the maintenance work than this?
Anyways given time was enough to compensate for the distractions and i passed it with out much further drama. My first ever MCTS. Maybe Microsoft keeps/gives some extra time buffer to the candidates as "Exam reading time + Exam time + Extra Light bulb changing time"
Overall it was a good and somewhat peculiar experiance and hope to go back to do more.

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