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Abhidhamma Lessons by Hon A.D.M Buddhadasa (MP3 Download)

It is with great pleasure I’m presenting this compilation of Abhidhamma teaching series by late honourable Mr. A.D.M.Buddhadasa. This compilation is a great way to learn the deepest aspect of dharma and mind. I hope many will benefit from this.  But wait... this series of talks can be found in many places in the Internet. Why did I copy and publish it again?

Reason is pretty simple. Every place I have visited, users are required to download each file individually by right clicking. That is almost 150 files. What a pain? If you are publishing something sweet and valuable as this for the benefit of dharma seekers, why make their life hard and painful by making them download each file? These days everyone carries’ a MP3 player around and it will benefit all if we provide a method for them to download the whole compilation in one file instead of making them waste their time. 

Secondly files offered by sites such as   do not contain any information with in their file names to identify one file from the other (Ex:  bu001.wma, bu005.wma, bu010.wma ...) what on earth is that??? How hard it its to put the titile of the file in its name so that people know what they are listening to.And that also in WMA format instead of MP3 format? How many MP3 players can play WMA formatted audio files???  Hardly any I guess. Isn’t that like giving coconut husks to dogs? Completely  useless.

Thirdly some files were hosted on commercial file storage sites which make users wait from 30 seconds to 15 minutes before letting them download a single file. Thanks but No thanks.

So here you are ... if you want you have the freedom to listen first before downloading. You have the option to download selected files or you can download the whole set as a one file. Isn’t that sweet?
All right, the advertisement is over... lets get back to the topic.. ^_^

Mr. A.D.M.Buddhadasa, who passed away in his late sixties was one of the most proficient Abhidhamma teachers  in Sri Lanka. He taught Pali and Abhidhamma to many people including members of Sangha . This series of recordings are from the Abhidhamma Classes he conducted at “ Sri Kalyana Mithra Sanghamaya” , Railway Avenue, Nugegoda, Srilanka.
(  Sinhaladhamma ,2011 , ABHIDHAMMA )

According to D.M Hettiarachchi , Mr. A.D.M. Buddhadasa was a master of Abhidhamma and a preacher of Dharma who diverted his mind towards the task of teaching dharma not out of desire for any worldly gains, but purely with spiritual and detached intentions. This accomplished preacher of Dharma was recognized by the Buddhist monkhood and laity as a valuable lay preacher working of respect, who lived without degrading the teaching of Dharma into an unpine mode of livelihood. He won the love and respect of people, especially because he was clearly an embodiment of the Buddhist way of life. His own life blended harmoniously with the righteous path of practice.

Mr. Buddhadasa was gifted by nature with a deep yet mellifluous voice which is an asset to a preacher. So was he well versed in Dharma and allied literature as well as in diverse social science activities. Owing, these abilities he was able to conduct his lectures free from defects with completeness and lucidity.
( Printsasia , 2011 , Wheel Dhamma Course Lectures )

Usual specifics:
Author: Hon A.D.M Buddhadasa
Genre: Buddhist Abidhamma Teachings
Language: Sinhala/Pali
Credits:  These talks/teachings on Abhidhamma are made available for free Distribution by Mr Ranjith Daluwatta. Many thanks to him  for publishing these for the seekers of Dharma.
Uploaded By: Tiraj Adikari
Copyright : If applicable is held by  Sri Kayana Mitta Samithiya, Nugegoda, Srilanka. These talks are available for FREE DISTRIBUTION Only.

Download/playback Information: 
  • To download individual files right click and select save as from the menu.
  • To download the whole list of files choose VBR ZIP from the left hand Play / Download options menu.
  • To listen online, select the file and click on play icon in the audio player located in the top right hand corner. 
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