Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Best Kind of Different

Few months back I was invited to a dinner with a family I have never been with before. My whole family went and being the  person I am , I took a book with me to pass the bordem of social interactions. Everyone chatted , laughed and seemed to have  had a really good time talking socially acceptable random rubbish  while I kept my self to a corner and tried to finish my book. The book being "Gota's War" has nothing to do with the story.

Few days later I got the feedback through my Mom. Host happend to be really irritated and puzzled by my behaviour of sitting in a corner and reading a book in his dinner party. Seemingly antisocial , rude and inconsiderate behaviour in someone's party. And my mother's  advise to me was to not to do anything strange , quirky and absurd thing like that in the future. If i would have got this feed back few years back , this remarks and feedbacks about my nonconventional behaviour would have   made me feel sad and bad. A feeling of being socially  ridiculed , laughed at and being categorised as being different would have made me want to try harder to become socially acceptable and being loved.

But you know what ? I really dont give a rat's arse now. Why ? Because thats how I am. if people have problem with that , then its their problem. Not mine. Im different. If people cant get it, why would I bother to care ?

Sounds familiar ? Maybe. Maybe not.  Instead of writing much Ill put some videos. I have RSI (Repetitive strain injuries ) on both my hands at the moment by overusing the keyboard. So till they get healed I can not write much. but I intend to do so once im Oky.

What is Asperger Syndrome? - Part 1

What is Asperger Syndrome? - Part 2

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What is Asperger Syndrome? - Part 4

My life with Asperger's: Daniel Wendler 

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