Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Google translate in Chrome

Its not often that I stumble upon a feature in a browser that makes me wipe my eyes in disbelief. Well I’m quite sure that this is an old feature and many have found out about it before ignorant me. But hey it was a great deal for me at least to discover this.

Google translate integrated in to the Chrome Browser does a pretty nifty job in translating foreign text on the fly in to English (or to any other language under the freaking sun  for that matter). You can switch between the translated text and the original or drag mouse over to get a tool tip of the foreign text. We can also set language preferences so that the browser will always automatically translate foreign texts on the fly.

Pretty cool indeed ….  which only seconds to the “Best Collection” Album set by Meiko Kaji that  was out on 24th March 2010. Almost 200 Dollars, I wish I had a better alternative.

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