Thursday, September 2, 2010

Parabhava Dhamma - Conduct those results in downfall of a person

Its not often one can observe a drunkard swimming in the gutter and sleeping on the road in broad daylight. After observing him for a while it was hard for me to stop running my mind along a beautiful sutra by lord Buddha which describes the various ways of downfall of an individual.
Its not hard to see the beauty of Dhamma while looking at this person rolling on the street.
Consumption of alcohol/intoxicants
  • Destroy one’s body and its organs,
  • Destroy wealth
  • Looses one’s morality and shame
  • Get defamed
  • Looses control of one’s mind and body
  • Degrade this life as well as the life after been born in animal realm after death
For people who have no clue, here is a brief summary.
Parabhava Dhamma - Conducts those results in downfall of a person
1. Hatred towards kalyana Dhamma
Kalyana Dhammas are the conducts that has been praised by noble which does not bring any disgrace by doing.
2. Dislikes Kalyana Mithras and being fond of Papi friends. Adore papi dhama..
Kalyana Mithras are the noble friends who wishes one’s good.
  • Upakaraka – Friend who helps selflessly when needed, anytime
  • Samana Suka Dukka – Friend who share happiness as well as sadness
  • Artha kai - Friend who give advices for the success of both the worlds
  • Anukampaka – Friend who always has compassion
Papi friends ( Or people we consider friends but really are our enemies )
  • Annudattahara – Take only friend
  • Vachi Parama – Friend who treat only by words
  • Anupiya Bhani – Friend who agree on everything
  • Apaya Sahayak – Friend who helps to make your journey to hell easy and fast.
Papi Dharma’s are the conducts that bring shame/disgrace and ultimate suffering to the doer. Conducts that are condemned by noble.
3. Sleeping till late and dozing whole day. Fondness to gather in groups and talk day in and day out (Discussing topics that have no usefulness in any way … (बकवास)). Laziness and lack of courage. Quick temper, lack of sympathy
4. Not taking care of old and helpless parents when having full capability to do so.
5. Fooling or cheating any ascetic who has or in the process of eliminating defilements. Fooling or cheating any pitiable person.
6. Consuming riches with out sharing it among ones loved ones and/or people in need and/or around
In here riches means any material/possession that brings pleasure to any one or all of 5 senses of a being.
7. Being egoistic about ones nationality, Cast or wealth and putting down others who are less fortunate.
8. Fondness towards other’s women /prostitutes, consumption of alcohol and gambling makes what ever one earns drip through the fingers.
9. Having illicit relationships … leaving one’s married partner.
10. Having/marrying a partner who is far younger.
11. Placing a shameless, greedy, and irresponsible person on a respectable job/position makes that organization’s downfall along with that person.
12. While having less merits and wealth, if one aspire to rule having excessive greed for power, brings destruction to the country as well as to the person involved.
Even though there are many more causes for one’s downfall Lord Buddha stopped here.

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