Saturday, April 2, 2011

Gmail Motion - Is that a joke on April 1st?

© 2011 Google, Google Actions

Google is notorious for playing pranks on poor unassuming souls on April 1st every year.

When something comes up on Google home page on April 1st ,that’s why I’m always so skeptical at first.

© 2011 Google , Google Actions
Anyways, this one called Gmail Motion got me by surprise at first. The whole concept was unlike Google and more like Steve Job’s baby. Considering the way technology moves at light's speed and the idle CPUs longing to churn some real cycles on lazy user's computers, even this wouldn’t have been funny if it would have come out on a day apart from April 1st.  

Only when I saw the pathetic, over worked and depressed face (Ya Ya You can imagine me in his place!) of the demonstrator, that I realised that it is indeed the April 1st 2011. Too bad for you Tiraj, you are getting old!

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