Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dhamma Sermons by Most Venerable NaaUyane Ariyadhamma Thero (MP3 Download)

Most Venerable NaaUyane
Ariyadhamma Thero

It's with utmost pleasure, I present this absolutely amazing dharma sermons by Most Venerable NaaUyane Ariyadhamma Thero to the seekers of Arya dharma.

Usual specifics:
Author: Most Venerable NaaUyane Ariyadhamma Thero
Genre: Buddhist Dharma Sermons
Language: Sinhala /Pali
Credits These Talks are made available for free Distribution by Mr Ranjith Daluwatta. And most of these file were provided to me by Mr Dinesh Kularatna. 
Uploaded By: Tiraj Adikari
Copyright:   If applicable is held by the Sri Kalyana Yogasrama sansthawa,Galduva,  Srilanka.

Download/playback Information: 
  • To download individual files right click and select save as from the menu.
  • To download the whole list of files choose VBR ZIP from the left hand Play / Download options menu.
  • To listen online, select the file and click on play icon in the audio player located in the top right hand corner. 

Download Link: Click here

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