Friday, March 4, 2011

SRIPADA - Srilanka - Most Sacred Mountain for Buddhists

"Sri Pada soars upwards to a height of 7360 feet from the very edge of the central highlands and viewed from the southwest looks like a pinnacle on a verdant castle wall. For about half the year it is oftenhidden in cloud and the torrential rains that rush down its steep sides during this time makes visiting the summit almost impossible. This abundant precipitation feeds Sri Lanka's four main rivers which all have their sources on the mountain's lower slopes. "

"It is surrounded by exceptionally dense forest, much of it now making up the Peak Wilderness Sanctuary. This is not the lush steamy cover one usually associates with the tropics but a cool misty forest similar to that found in the lower reaches of the Himalayas. Giant trees hang heavy with moss, rhododendrons put forth large red blossoms and rare orchids like the Regal and the Chandraraja grow in the dark moist loam." 

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"On the summit of the mountain is a boulder with a mysterious mark or indentation on it resembling a human footprint. Since from perhaps as early as the first century BCE the Sinhalese believed this mark to be the footprint of the Buddha himself."
(Venerable Dhammika S , 2008 ,Sri Pada : Buddhism's Most Sacred Mountain , A Pilgrim's Guide , Read All.)

Last time when i was in Sri Lanka (2010) got a chance to climb this most scared mountain. It was raining heavily all throughout the journey, so there was not much chance for extended video recording. Still Enjoy this small clip!

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