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Mediation made simple – some worthy guidelines for the serious practitioner.

These guidelines are for a serious Sadhaka (practitioner) who wish to engage in meditation or acquiring sidhi for his/her chosen mantra.

Sadhaka means the person who recites the Mantras, does meditation and engages in all acts to attain sidhi. It is incumbent on the part of Sadhaka to observe some rules and regulations strictly while practising. Otherwise erroneous results may be attained.

The following guide lines are provided for Sadhaka to attain sidhi or  success in meditation.

  • Complete faith , unflinching loyalty backed by clear heart towards deity of your sadhana or the path and fruits.
  • Subconscious mind should have full trust and confidence in your act.
  • Command your subconscious mind as it is your faithful servant.
  • Three things are admirable: Truthfulness, Honesty and large heartedness.
  • Three things are to be controlled: Tongue, anger and restless thoughts.
  • Three things are to be cultivated: Cosmic love, kindness and patience.
  • Three things are lovable:  The wish for liberation, The Company of saints and selfless service.
  • Three things are to be avoided: Covetousness, brutality and triviality.
  • Three things are to be renounced: Lust, evil company and fruits of action.
  • To be childlike is good. But be childish is not good.
  • To be devotional is good. To be emotional is not good.
  • To be courageous is good. To expose oneself to danger is not good.
  • Be good, do good, be kind, be pure.
  • Avoid unnecessary talks.
  • Gentle words break no bones, but they break hard hearts.
  • The more you run after sense pleasure the more restless and agitated you will be.
  • To be jealous is pitiable. To be selfish is shameful. To be compassionate is divine. To be patient and enduring is manly, to be without lust is profitable, and to be calm and relaxed is admirable.
  • Evil thought are just as evil as evil deeds.
  • One should be free from all vices.
  • One must respect his/her teachers. He should have faith in him. He should not find faults in him and neither talk ill of his preceptor.
  • He should serve all and especially who speak ill of him.
  • Adopt, adjust, accommodate. Bear insult and injury.
  • Lust destroys life, luster, personality, the life force, memory, power and reputation, holiness, peace, knowledge and devotion. Therefore kill the lust.
  • Do not mix with evil company, control your vice habits.
  • Do selfless service. Bitter pills have better effects.
  • Sadhaka should take sathvic meals. These include Ghee, milk, curd, sugar, til, coconut, banana, mango, rice, barley, wheat and other fruits. Hot spicy and meat dishes should be avoided.
  • Egoism be curbed.
  • During sadhana keep yourself away from material world.
  • In case you see any miracle, do not fear. Keep your will power strong and continue your sadhana. You will be blessed with success.
  • In case you feel indisposed, do not fear. Be strong and continue your sadhana, all troubles will vanish.
  • Celibacy should be observed during sadhana days.
  • Do not express to anybody that you are in meditation, not even to your family members.
  • Do not lose heart if success is delayed. Try hard again and again you will be crowned with success.

These extracts are from the wonderful book by L.R Chawdhri called practicals of Mantras & Tantras.
©2005 Chawdhri L R, Practicals of Mantras &; Tantras, Sagar Publications, New Delhi

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