Friday, June 10, 2011

Old Sinhalese Gramophone Songs (පරණ ග්‍රෙමෆෝන් සිංහල ගීත )

 ©2011 සිංහල පැරණි ගීත සංගමය

Stumbled upon a great blog site today morning that contains many original gramophone age Sinhalese songs. No, they are not the skimpy versions sang by modern counterparts.

Even though the site construction and the video editing for some of the songs are really amateurish and leave much to desire for, the rarity of the songs they have published makes the site really worthwhile.

If you are a gramophone and old Buddhist devotional song lover like me, do check it out.
Ah don't forget to thank the site owner for the efforts they have put in to it.

And here are some of the good ones.

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