Saturday, November 2, 2013

Body mass and Intelligence

Here goes one of my crooked theories again. Miss Anatta hate these and says im always generalising. 

Yes indeed im generalising most of my theories but if you know about the poisson distribution curves  in statistical research, you should know that  majority of cases are concentrated in the mid part of the curve and anomalies lies  to the left and right most areas of the curve.

So , when im  building up my social  theories by looking at the people around me, im only interested in the general majority .  I hope this disclaimer is sufficient enough for what im going to  state next.

This is my observed theory in simple terms. For a given individual , 

Thought of adding little bit more to this after few thoughts:

There is one of my other theory for measuring  how social and emotional intelligent a person is.  Even though I dont think social intelligence and normal Intelligence goes hand in hand  , usually people who are social and emotional intelligent tends to be intelligent in other more common aspects too (Measured using IQ)

Other way not normally holds true I believe. 

So what is this equation: 

If I haven't offend anyone enough then have a look at what  the Lord Buddha has to  say about this : :D

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