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Ape like behaviour of Srilankans in Western and Thai Temples....

අපේ ශ්‍රී ලංකාන්ස් සිංහළ අයියලා  , අක්කලා , ඇන්ටිලා , අංකල්ලා ගේ  වැඩ කිඩ ගැන වෙන ජාතියක   කෙනෙක් ලියපු පොස්ට් තරං දිග කොමෙන්ට් එක මම මෙතන පොස්ට් එකක් විදියටම දාන්න හිතුව එකෙක් වත් බලල හැදෙන්නේ නැතැයි  කියල.   

ලැජ්ජයි හලෝ රටකට යන්න වීස ගන්න බැහැ  අපරාද කාරයෝ වගේ සලකන්නේ  ලංකාවේ උංට...  වෙන රටවලට ගිහිල්ල දාන තුට්ටු දෙකේ ජිල්මාට් හින්ද.   ලංකාවේ ගොඩක් උංගේ වැඩ දැක්කම  පිට රටවල උං හිතන්නේ  මුං වානරයන්ට ළඟ නෑකමක් තියන නොදියුණු වඳුරෝ කොටසක් විදියට. වසර දෙදහස් පන්සීයක  ශිෂ්ටාචාරේ. ඔලුගෙඩිය ... 

පන්සලකට යන්නවත් දන්නේ නැති ගිහිල්ල යන යන තැන වඳුරෝ වගේ කාබාසිනියා කරලා දාල කිච වෙන  උන්ට මොන   ශිෂ්ටාචාරයක්ද අප්පා ....

 මෙන්න කොමෙන්ට් එක :

Yes Ano, I agree with all your observations and have to back up your comments in the face of your criticism, I have been attending the temple at Warburton and working/staying there on occasion since 2006 and have seen the deterioration of its attendees mostly of the Sinhalese groups. In 2006 the % of Sinhalese were about 35% today it is 80%, the rest are Thai and Malaysian Chinese with a smattering of western people mostly married to Asians (like myself). 

It is a popular observation by non Sinhalese of the behavior of these people there that you too have observed. They rock up (usually late from Noble park where they mostly live) with car loads of all the grandparents, uncles and aunties, children and parents from BOTH sides with one small bowl of food for Dana between themselves!! Then they pile up their plates with food donated by others (usually from the regular Thais who turn up like TCE) with NO regard for the long line of people behind them out the kitchen door who are waiting in line. 

They then take all the few cushions, and most disturbingly eat with their hands that repulses my wife and all others. During school holiday periods, hordes of Sinhalese family groups turn up during the week and clean out the food where many people miss out. The bowls of offerings by the rostered dana attendees have been scraped clean. 

Their children are wild and misbehaving requiring the monks to police them and instruct them to go back to the kitchen where their parents are for safety.. The Sinhalese rarely bring offerings of money (That we require for repair of equipment and machinery, and for building projects) or requisites for daily hygiene, and then are the FIRST to leave the temple to go home and dont stay to help clean up.

This is all known by the Sangha and the Committee. I have spoken directly to a few Sinhalese that i have known for a while and echoed these sentiments to them to spread the word amongst the community that everyone else is watching them and is mindful of their behavior and actions. 

During the working bees the Sinhalese comprise 5% of the workers and these are the regular single guys and few women who turn up and actually WORK.

I believe that it is in the interests of the future survival of this temple that its events and existence is published to attract many more groups (Cambodian, Vietnamese, Chinese, current Mahayana supporters and general public etc) to even out the balance of visitors as many Thais have been spooked and attend other places of worship as a result. 

We had the lowest attendance for any Katina this year compared to other years as Wat Thai in Box Hill had the same Katina on the Sunday. The Thais (who are big donors stayed away in droves) if it wasnt for the kind support from the Thai restaurants who attended and provided free food we would have all starved. It is therefore imperative to attract new people. The Sangha now this but there attitude is a fateful one of , "Oh well, if that is the way it is then that is the way it is". Death by a thousand cuts. 

We now go to Springvale more often where these temples do not welcome any Sinhalese for the reasons I have outlined. The community leaders of the respective Asian temples openly tell the Sinhalese to leave the premises once they first enter as they are only minutes from Noble Park and Dandenong. I heard the Loatian temple in Keysborough has sign in Sinhalese advising them they are not welcome to the temple.

It reminds me of the Crow, they pillage and steal all the other species's resources and then eventually when that is all gone they move on elsewhere. 
I can see now why the Tamils had a hard time with the Sinhalese back home. 

I feel that the Sinhalese community leaders need to be made aware of this and their community briefed on better manners and protocol.

Written By : Vandy , 12/20/2013 
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  1. Should a nation supposed to be cultured and nurtured under Buddhist influence for thousands of years behave in this manner? What have we inherited from our ancestors? Is this what we are going to offer to your next generation. We all should ask ourselves.