Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Java CAPS Tutorials/Documentation and E-book

Finding Sun/Java related materials has become increasingly hard since the merge of Oracle and Sun. Google is still filled with massive amount of dead links from Sun when clicked goes to the Oracle home page.

I was searching for some materials on JCAPS and after some struggle stumbled upon these resources.
Have no clue how long these will last before giving 404 Errors. 

Enjoy while they are available.

Sun Java CAPS Documentation
JCAPS E book (Direct Download)

SUN SeeBeyond e-WAY™ TCP/IP HL7 Adapter User's Guide
The Sun SeeBeyond eWay™ TCP/IP HL7 Adapter enables the eGate Integrator system to exchange data with an external TCP/IP application, using the HL7 data protocol. eGate with the TCP/IP HL7 eWay utilizes J2EE™ Architecture.

This document describes how to install, configure, and implement the Sun SeeBeyond eWay™ TCP/IP HL7 Adapter, in a typical Sun SeeBeyond Composite Application Platform Suite environment.

HL7 OTD Library 
The HL7 OTD Library provides HL7 files formatted in Java™ syntax for use with the Sun SeeBeyond Enterprise Designer. An Object Type Definition (OTD) library is a compilation of pre-built message structures for industry-standard formats. The HL7 OTD Library is designed to work in conjunction with the Sun SeeBeyond eWay™ TCP/IP HL7 Adapter, to help the user establish and maintain an efficient and reliable HL7 messaging system.

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