Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Secret Garden - Korean Drama

© 2011 SBS

Just finished watching the first 10 episodes of the Korean drama 

Well ,what can I say about it?
Let’s see what others think ....

"Wow!!!!!!!! I did not want to watch any Korean drama, however, my friend recommended it. Even though I'm Korean living in the US, I've never watched any Korean dramas. However, this drama was a wonderful with excellent stories, good actors and actress, excellent acting skills, wonderful backgrounds and good OSTs. I just finished seeing Secret Garden for only two days all of the 20 episodes. I hooked with its actors and actress. I wish the USA buys this drama, so American people could see it because it is the number one in the Korean drama history. I'm giving my two hands. Thumbs up"
(HB & HJW  , 30/01/2011)

"This drama successfully makes me addicted to watch it again and again. It’s literally driving me crazy. Awesome ... awesome"
(menk m ,27/01/2011)

If any one is interested in downloading the SMS alert- "muahahahurrr" of Ms Gil Ra-Im , it’s just here.

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