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Japanese Drama - Misaki Number One!! - 美咲ナンバーワン!! - (OST Download)

Misaki Number One!!
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Just finished watching the last episode (10th) of this drama. Even though the  first few episodes lacked depth and emotions  and were very similar to the way the characters in a manga acts, later episodes were really good , heart touching and  worth watching. So if you want to give up after watching  the first few episodes i suggest you continue watching as things get realistic and interesting  in latter episodes.

Some background info:
Misaki Number One!! (美咲ナンバーワン!! ) Was a 10 episode Japanese  TV Drama broadcasted on Nippon TV Network,  Japan. It was aired from January 12, 2011 to March 16, 2011 on Wednesday nights. According to  Video Research Ltd, It achieved 13.2% ratings nationwide during its peak with an average rating of  10.5%.
(2011 , Misaki Number One!! - DramaWiki )

A Cabaret Club (Kyabakura) hostess named Misaki decides to take a change of career and teach at a  high school instead. Little to her knowledge, she is assigned a class full of students who are not keen on studying and would rather bunk off school instead.
The story is based on the manga of the same name by Masato Fujisaki. 
(2011 , Misaki Number One!! , Culture Japan)

Lets see what others say:
fairylove9 says : 
Actually good!  - When I saw this drama being announced, i really exclaimed: "Not another one!" since there is many  "Teacher with a special background helping a bunch of troublemaker to go in the right path" drama out there. But being a Kis-My-Ft2 fan (the group of the 2 principals students characters) I thought I would make an effort and watch it. It was surprisingly good. Yes, the story is cliché?  and the situations are déjà-vu but the way the teacher, Misaki makes it a lot  funnier to watch. Misaki makes you go into her craziness and I came to love the character. 

Basically, it’s not the best drama out there but if you’re looking for a funny high school drama  and that it’s been a while since you saw "Gokusen" I suggest you this. The cast is fun, so are the characters and the plot, so why not?.

Misaki Number One!!
 ©2011  NTV
Miyukiiwii Says:
The Story is interesting and the cast is awesome. It’s a great show. A "must-watch" for everyone,  who wants to enjoy a funny and slightly touching drama. Everyone who loves "Gokusen" will love this one, too.

The Story about the Hostess Misaki, being a kind teacher of the Class 2-Z is very great. The own  stories of the five main students were touching, but they were lucky to have that kind of teacher  who cheers them up. Karina and the other actors did a great job. It was refreshing and enjoyable to watch..

If you are interested in downloading the Theme song: Nanika Hitotsu feat. JAY'ED & Wakadanna by  JAMOSA follow the direct link below. this link is taken from the original links posted in the site.
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