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Korean Drama - Oh! My Lady - 오! 마이 레이디 - (OST Download)

Oh! My Lady
©2010  SBS  
After 2 days of watching the drama Oh! My Lady (! 마이 레이디) finally finished the last (16th) episode today morning. I really don’t want this blog to be a K Drama review site, but alas what can I do? Its not fair to not comment on something that i found really  nice ,  worthy and entertaining.

I found this drama's storyline simple, non complicated yet heart touching. Characters were simple, easy to comprehend and lively. It was worth watching every episode. Anyways, I’m not good at writing reviews, so let’s see what others say.

Some background info:
Oh! My Lady (! 마이 레이디) was a romance comedy TV Drama broadcasted on SBS Network , Seoul South Korea . It was aired on March 22, 2010 to May 11, 2010 on Monday and Tuesday nights. According to TNS Media, It achieved 12.1% ratings nationwide during its peak.
( 2010 , Oh My Lady!  , Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. )

The lead character, Ms Gae Hwa is pretty much the typical loud, middle aged woman you see in the supermarket. But she has a positive charm and determination that appeals to those who had found her annoying. Others often look down on her and think she is inferior to any job, but she remains the same, happy with the way she is.

“I’ve always liked Chae Rim. She never fails to impress me. So it isn’t a surprise that I think Chae Rim did an amazing job as an “ahjumma”. Her body language and the way she talked fit the role perfectly. And her crying scenes were top notch; it made me teary-eyed. There was chemistry between her and the two little girls. She was very motherly towards them. And she had good chemistry with Si Won, though not in the cheesy romantic way. They have a more mature relationship.”

The series had a good mixture of comedy, romance, and family. The series remained very light-hearted throughout. The storyline wasn’t complex and pretty much revolves around the deal between Yoon Gae Hwa and Sung Min Woo. The series  focused on different types of relationships, not just between a man and a woman, like between father and daughter or star and paparazzi. These relationships captured my attention and created some “awww” moments.
( 2010 Kimmie Tran , Oh! My Lady (2010) Review )

Some good lines from the drama.
  • As long as parents live earnestly , those feelings will be convayed to the child and the child will grow up well.
  • The easiest thing for someone is to live the way they have been living
Well, that's all folks , If you are interested in downloading the OSTs for this drama follow the direct link below. It is generously provided by Ms Ji-Hye through her blog.

Here is the direct download link:

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