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Korean Drama - Witch Yoo Hee - 마녀유희 - (OST Download)

Witch Yoo Hee
©2007  SBS

Few days back finished watching the Korean Drama Witch Yoo Hee.  Even though I cannot say it was the best I have seen till now, still it was one of the best nevertheless.

Many places I felt that the script needed some improvements and adding some extra scenes could have made the drama more intense. Last episode seems crammed with so many things happening in short period of time.

The last impression viewers got about the Ms Yoo Hee was not that good. I've  got a feeling that she choose one from the other not because of love but due to lack  of options available. This really put a negative impression on Yoo hee at the end of the drama and might have made many viewers dissatisfied/unhappy. Anyways apart from that, the drama was one of the best I have seen so far and the OSTs were also really wonderful. 

Some background info:
Witch Yoo Hee (마녀유희) was a 16 episode romance comedy TV Drama broadcasted on SBS Network, Seoul South Korea. It was aired from March 21, 2007 to May 10, 2007 on Wednesday and Thursday nights. According to TNS Media, It achieved 17.5% ratings nationwide during its peak with an average rating of 13.8%.
(2011 , Witch Amusement - DramaWiki )

If you want to follow the episode by episode story-line, a person crazier than me has already written that. Check it out in  here.

Lets see what others say:
Charlecote says:
Witch Yoo Hee is different from all the other dramas I’ve watched so far. It has so many elements from other dramas but is unique at the same time. First of all we have this duck turned swan concept, then there is a butler-mistress relationship between Yoo Hee and Moo Ryong though he is her housekeeper and then we also have some elements of talented cook trying to get appreciated. This whole mixture gets its uniqueness through the incredible happenings and conversations between Yoo Hee and Moo Ryong!!! 

You just have to love it!! It never gets boring with the two. Besides the actors are really into their roles so that makes the entertainment factor even bigger! A must watch for all fans of a good, funny love story!

Dramafied_9 says:
I’m watching it for the second time right now and it’s funnier than the first time I saw it.  The story line was funny and unpredictable yet romantic.  It was one of my first Korean dramas I ever saw and it’s definitely worth watching.

Ticklemyfancy17 says:
I honestly wasn’t expecting too much from this drama, although I liked the idea, I felt it would be much like other dramas I’ve seen. It was similar, yet somehow better. Some of the characters you like in the beginning, but grown to detest. And some of the characters, you fall in love with from the beginning. This drama has introduced me to a new favourite actor, and presented me with an extremely good time. Many dramas become like tasks after a few episodes, becoming slow or boring, however this one was certainly not like that. It was incredibly fast past and covers a lot. That’s probably it’s strongest point: it’s intensely amusing. You should definitely watch it.
(2011, Witch Yoo Hee Korean Drama | Watch Episodes | Reviews | Images )

Have a look at this Piano & Guitar version of the song "Sarang Ah Nae Ge Oh Gi Man Hae" by moncmon . I found it really nice.

If you are interested in downloading the OSTs for this drama follow the direct link below. 
Here is the direct download link:
Witch Yoo Hee  OST

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