Sunday, January 15, 2012

WLAN Security Megaprimer by Vivek Ramachandran

Vivek Ramachandran
© 2011
This is my second post on Vivek. An outstanding information security expert from India. Unlike other security experts the reason I admire him is the way he share his knowledge  freely with the rest of the world through site . A free video based quality computer security education portal.  since its start in 2011 once in a  while I used to go there to check out materials Vivek has generously put forward. 

Guess what ... This time it  was a sweet surprise indeed. A whole series of videos on  wireless security and  penetration testing on a single DVD. As always he explains things with extreme clarity which I think is a characteristic of all Indian teachers  and  dont try to BS or show off as I have seen among videos done by others. 
Once i had the pleasure of studying in Monash under Dr Shonali Krishnaswamy and she was  as best as Vivek is when it comes to the quality of teaching. One of my all time favourite teachers.

Anyways getting back to the topic , this free DVD is the course material  for  his newly created 
SecurityTube Wi-Fi Security Expert (SWSE) certification.

You can get it from here. It's well worth a look.
You can also watch the extended video series online from here.

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