Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sensitive Personality Type(s)

"How insensitive Sameer" - Dil Chatha Hai

This phrase is overly used between my close friend(s), and me to illustrate a fascinating concept I'm about to write. Before reading ahead … Contemplate a bit. Sameer in the movie Dil chatha hai, is he an insensitive moron as his girlfriend always used to suggest?

How about Aakash? Check out this paragraph from a review…

"Three men, three stories and their bonding. Akash (Aamir Khan), Sameer (Saif Ali Khan) and Siddharth (Akshaye Khanna) are the frivolous threesome. Each of them has a distinct personality. Akash, the brat, is the cynic and insensitive to others’ feelings.  He thinks love is ruinous to a perfect two- week-long relationship."
(Reviews - Dil Chahta Hai - What an amazing debut)

Are these people insensitive? Then what happen o Akash at the end of the Movie? How did all three ends up crying together and Akash become completely engrossed in his love with Shalni. Well if you have no clue what I’m talking about in here go and watch the movie first. After a decade it is still in the list of my all time favorite movies.

What do you think of Sameer's first (?) girlfriend? Yes that bitchy looking girl who is   always demanding, over possessive and being insensitive to him and his friends?

Well that’s the topic of todays post. The topic of two sensitive types…

I feel, there are two types of sensitive individuals. Sensitive hearts and sensitive minds.

Funny part is that both sides cannot usually understand, tolerate nor respect each other. People who have sensitive hearts thinks, people who have sensitive minds to be heartless "Patthar jeyise dil”, arrogant , rude and damn insensitive. Just like Akash.

Mind sensitive people are usually intelligent. Because other wise they cannot be sensitive in the first place. They analyze situations and find the cause that needs to be sensitive to. This cause might be deep buried with in a distracting mist of derbies and distracts. But they are usually capable of finding it.  Since they can identify the cause, their sensitivity is well focused in to a certain matter and are usually indifferent to the surface matters that concerns most of the heart sensitive type. This indifference to what others consider "Important matters to be sensitive" to is the one that make them distance from the popular situation and get the tittle "Heatless and rude people"

These are the people who will not give a penny to a sorry looking beggar in the street but will push for social and financial reforms and open up factories so that the poverty can be eradicate from the society. They are sensitive to the root cause, not to its results as the heart sensitive’s are. Heart sensitive’s will give the penny and forget the situation all together.

So any example?
Yes plenty. Just read the Jathaka Stories. Bodhisathva is one of them. For example take the Uraga Jathakaya… The story of the serpent.

Are Bodhisathva , his  mother, father, sister, and servant insensitive people? No they are not. It’s just that they know what need to be sensitive to (death) and what is not (dead body).

Heart sensitive people take the face value of things. If some one is dead and people are crying, it’s something to be sensitive to. Something to cry upon. Something to share the sorrow with. They don't dig deep in to the situation to realize the complete nature of things. External stimulations are sufficient enough for them to be sensitive regardless of their origin.

People who have sensitive minds thinks the other side to be shallow, dumb crybabies who always crib and demand one thing or the other. Over possessive with what their hear attached with, pretentious and boastful about their feelings. Especially when it comes to love.

These people are bit dangerous to be among because they think from their heart. Not from their mind.  As a consequence they follow what their heart tell them to do. There’s not much morality involved in their conducts because morality is a mind construct, not a heart one. If angered and if their hearts are pierced, they might take extreme vengeful actions against the people who did that to pacify their hearts. One time Parvathi can be other time Durga. Very unstable people indeed.

So…. Being sensitive is one thing. But these two sub types of sensitive people are completely different in their thought patterns and their conducts.

So next time when you state, "I’m a sensitive person"… State clearly what sub type you are in… Because you cannot compare apples and oranges … really!!!

Secondly moral of the story,
Its good to be among principled enemies rather than among immoral friends

Some other definitions:
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(Just what I felt. psychological and medical interpretations are bit different as you can see. And its nice to talk about death on my birthday.. LOL)


  1. This is good for me to follow

    "Its good to be among principled enemies rather than among immoral friends"

    Nice post. Awesome!