Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sensitive mind….

Sensitive mind is highly tuned to external and internal mental stimulations/emotions and it can often grasp and process even the subtlest of any human or animal emotion from with in and from outside world in a vey efficient manner.

Occasionally, one's empathy can be developed in to a extremely higher level, and can reach to a point where it can be a disabling factor instead of contributing positively to his emotional intelligence and lifestyle.
99% of people who we live among have their own agendas, desires and selfishness built in to their thoughts and conducts.  Having an highly tuned receptor and being able to figure out these, often  very subtle emotions others radiates out can usually  play more destructive role than a constructive one in one's lifestyle.

In a way it is equivalent of having the master key to everyone's hidden mental thought processes. Kind of being able to unlock Pandora’s boxes belongs to each individual.

I remember this one, somewhere one person mentioned....

"After meditating for few days, I realized that I have developed the to ability to see what goes on other people's minds. I’ve got a shock of my life when I started observing the minds of my family members and people around me.  Usually they were filled with unwholesome, pretentious, selfish and dark thoughts. Yet they project a completely different out look to the outside world.  …The disgust I felt lasted for months. As a result I left meditation for a long stretch of time …  until I came to peace with this worldly reality"

The drawbacks of a highly sensitive mind are similar to any other sensitive devise we see around.  High loads, spikes and irregularities in the inputs, not connected in to a proper output devise can severely affect its performance and wellbeing, temporarily or sometimes permanently.

Constant high dose of brute can numb the mind while sudden spikes can well, pierce and paralyze it for a while. Which can be quite hurtful. Constant unregulated emotional stimulations can often create restlessness, emotional and mental fatigue and in the end make the person crave and wants to run away for seclusion. 
Many who have the gift of a sensitive mind try to dull it down so that they can be "World Ready". 

What is it mean by being "world ready"? 

Grabbing and consumption of the best alone. Callousness, selfishness, emotionless competition , pretentiousness, hypocrisy ,prejudice etc etc and the list goes on ...

World is a harsh toxic place and taking a sensitive mind out there in a way is similar to immersing a sensitive probe in a harsh sulfuric acid tub.

It will surely corrode away the sensitivity and beauty of the mind and make the person one more brute Neanderthal. Well that’s the price one pays to be in unity and be at peace with the "world".

Some souls dispose this idea of being  "world Ready" because the beauty of the sensitive mind is too precious for them to give up in order to work with and walk side by side with the Neanderthals. In order to protect their mind from harm they may seclude more and more from the world and its toxic mind numbing agents.

They find tranquility and inner peace, which their sensitive minds values highly and immerse in with joy…   in seclusion. Controlled regular seclusion is a must for them to keep their sanity and to operate effectively in the insane world.

(Just what I felt. psychological and medical interpretation may be completely different)

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