Sunday, October 7, 2012

Chants and Devotional Music from various Buddhist Traditions around the World (MP3 Download)

Was working on this for some time and finally… It’s with great pleasure I'm presenting this large collection of Buddhist Chants and devotional Music from all around the world.... Yes, Yes I’m basically jumping up and down with joy. :)  

This collection includes Parittas and devotional chants from various Buddhist traditions including Theravada, Mahayana, Vajrayana and Zen.

I’m confident enough to say that this is by far the largest, most diverse, well-arranged, freely accessible and easily downloadable collection of Buddhist parittha and chanting collection in the whole world. Dont believe me ??  Just have a look around and come back...

Since my very first dharma upload in March 30, 2011, more than 25000 people have downloaded various dharma talks I have put in to the  That’s about 1300 downloads per month. I have never imagined that these will become so popular. Isn’t that wonderful? 

As Ms Anatta has mentioned more than once, this is more like digging a water well for public use. Yes digging is hard and back breaking... but once dug, you don’t have to do anything else. Just cross your hands, put your legs up and watch how people take water from there and be happy. Never ending fountain of merits just flows out  from there for you…

Regarding ownership.... I must say that no copyright breach was intended in any form. If you believe any of the items in the list are not meant to be in public domain please let me know. I will remove them immediately.

Finally, if you find these useful be nice and kind enough to leave few words of thanks in the comment section. It means a lot to me…. Really!

Usual specifics:
Authors: Various monasteries , Sangha and Individuals
Genre: Buddhist Chants and Devotional Music
Language: Thai/Pali/Sinhala/English/Japanese/Tibeto
Uploaded By: Tiraj Adikari
Copyright: Where applicable is held by various monesteris and Sangha. These are strictly for free distribution only. Not for Sale. 
Download/playback Information:
 To download individual files right click and select save as from the menu.

To download the whole list of files choose VBR ZIP from the left hand Play / Download options menu.

To listen online, select the file and click on play icon in the audio player located in the top right hand corner.

Download Link: Click Here


  1. I read the post and visited the links. :)

    But, as you know, I can't download them or listen to them online. (Being 18 - matters me most in this type of situations)

    Thanks a lot for doing this great job!

    (Who are you? Is it the boy or the tiger in the profile pic?)
    I'll listen to them one day....

  2. Thanks Nangi. I would rather be the tiger. He looks funny and silly :)