Saturday, August 18, 2012


- Can I ask you something?

Yes Sure.

- You won't mind right…

(I know what is coming…)
No I won't mind at all. Ask anything…

- Did you have a girlfriend, ever?

No, But I once had a serious crush on someone.

- Ok

Typical question.
But I will not ask the same question from you…

- Why???

Firstly it doesn’t bother me. For me there are way more important things to consider about a person apart from his or her past and over with relationships.
Secondly it’s well known that Srilankan women are masters of hypocrisy. As any normal human women anywhere in the world, they will also have all ill (?) thoughts, desires and needs…  and many follow their desires as they wish. Usually before marriage and many after marriage as well.  But being the masters of duplicity, they will play absolute denial to all what they have done when questioned. There’s no better , pure, cultured, well-behaved, innocent soul than each Srilankan girl you will encounter (thats according to them of-cause).  

Any previous relationships…? 
Oh no never.. Many haven't even looked at a guy before.

Hilarious reality is just far from it.

When you know that 99% of the times you won't get an honest truthful response …… then why bother asking? 

I prefer saving my breath for something better... mmmm maybe to blow out a crawling bug....

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